Bright Future For Hospitality in 2017

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Tourists & locals alike enjoy the benefits Newcastle City Council provide

Tourists & locals alike enjoy the benefits Newcastle City Council provide

As we approach the end of 2016 there’s every reason to be optimistic about hospitality & tourism within the North of England & Scotland and here are the reasons.

The weak pound will be with us for a good while and whilst this is pushing up the input cost of food & wine etc. the benefits in terms of tourism are massive.  Only this week I saw for the 1st time a group of Japanese tourists following their flag bearing guide down what is arguably the best street in Britain, Grey Street, Newcastle upon Tyne.  This is a familiar sight in Edinburgh but not until now in Newcastle.

The cost for tourists to visit our region has never been lower and whilst they are here they are spending big-time and I’ve seen this 1st hand in Edinburgh where a client who refurbished a site on the Royal Mile is up over 30% on last year and shows no sign of dropping off.  You just need to look at social media to see a lot of sites are trading very strongly.

Whilst visiting us how do tourists choose where to eat & drink? Tripadvisor, get this right and the business will follow, the NO1 restaurant in Newcastle at present, Beirut Lounge whom i’ve been and advocate of since its early days is not in the best of streets but visitors will go two stops on the metro system to find it as there feed will tell you.

On the flip-side staycations are very popular due to the costs of going abroad and the cottage letting industry in Northumberland is growing year on year and its no wonder with such beauty on our doorstep.


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Richard is the owner of RCM Stocktaking Solutions Ltd which provide Stock Auditing services to the licensed / restaurant / hospitality sector.