How is everybody doing?

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How is everybody doing?

How is everybody doing?

A question I often get asked.  I’m sure people think I’m evading the question with my vague answers but the truth is there are no patterns / trends.

Obviously I can’t discuss one client with another but my view on how things are is as follows;  City Centre young persons venues and nightclubs are struggling across England and Scotland, they fell off a cliff when the students went home in June, this happens each year but was more pronounced this year.

Restaurants / eating houses that have differentiated themselves and built up a strong brand image are the stars of the market and many of these sites are 20% up on three years ago.  Within the pub sector we see the greatest polarisation, the bottom end is closing its doors and the top end are going from strength to strength.

Ah, you ask,” why is pub x or restaurant y doing so well?”  Because they are giving the customer what they want or what they didn’t realise they wanted.  Something a little different, always quality at a fair price, quality wine and draught and packaged beer selection to the point where you walk in and you just can’t decide what to drink, compare that to many local pubs serving John Smiths, Fosters, wine from the cash and carry and house doubles, where would you rather be and isn’t the extra a price worth paying for an enjoyable experience.

There are still too many people playing at food, not taking it seriously because they think it will never take off, no fuel in the engines of the business, so what happens?  The business breaks down.


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Richard is the owner of RCM Stocktaking Solutions Ltd which provide Stock Auditing services to the licensed / restaurant / hospitality sector.