Is Your Business 3D?

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Is Your Business 3D?

Motivational business speaker Andy Hanselman urges to think 3D.

What does this mean?  How can I think in these new fangled ways?

Quite simply it’s about being Dramatically & Demonstrably Different.

How can you do this?

If we think about our business, that of Stocktaking, you could probably teach a Monkey to count bottles.  We have to demonstrate to our clients that we have their best interests at heart and we strive to improve the success of their businesses.  This could be done by advising on ways to reduce waste (such as the two part pour with real ales).   Different ways of dispensing drinks, where to buy cheaper, which lines to merchandise and push to increase profits etc etc etc.  We know that every interaction with our client has to leave them feeling that we are a valued part of their business.

For you in your hospitality business there are a myriad of things to do right to WOW the customer but if you start with the basics and build you are surely in a good place.  So, say hello to every customer, acknowledge them, they love being part of the transaction.  See things from their point of view and think about their experience.  Think about how you can appeal to all their senses, this way you improve their experience and get them to come back with their friends.

So, assuming you’re doing what is described above, what is it that makes you Dramatically & Demonstrably Different?  It could be the thought you have given to ensure the Burger or Steak  you serve is the best it can be and consistently great.  Or the way in which you interact with your customers through a variety of mediums to keep them coming back for what must be a brilliant offering in the first place.

One such business is a restaurant that gives the customer two casino chips with their bill to measure the quality of the food and service and asks them to place them in one of three boxes  relating to the experience, poor, ok or excellent.   You can imagine how this motivates the staff to give every customer a fantastic experience and of course this is then reflected in their tips, bonus and ultimately the success of the business.

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Richard is the owner of RCM Stocktaking Solutions Ltd which provide Stock Auditing services to the licensed / restaurant / hospitality sector.