North East Hospitality Panel Event @TheTownWallPub

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North East Hospitality Panel Event @TheTownWallPub


Networking at the Town Wall 22 November 2012RCM hosted the first in what we plan to be a series of events on 21st November in the Cinema Room of The Town Wall pub, Newcastle.

The idea was to bring together a variety of people from within the industry to discuss what makes for a successful business in times of economic uncertainty. There was the opportunity to network and have a bite to eat.  The panel were chosen from a cross-section of businesses, owner managed to Multi National companies so that a wide variety of views could be aired and the guests certainly learned from the panel.

The over-riding theme throughout the evening was that of ‘Customer Experience’.  The conclusion to be drawn is that customers do not mind paying decent money for good service, quality food and drink in a safe, friendly atmosphere.

There was much debate about the merits or otherwise of branded glassware and the correct use of it to create the perfect pint.  This subject alone could have filled the evening.

Feedback was very positive and there is a strong appetite to repeat the night. Several guests came forward to either host or sponsor future events.  We have a strong base to build on and once questionnaires have been analysed we will set about planning the next event, watch this space.



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Richard is the owner of RCM Stocktaking Solutions Ltd which provide Stock Auditing services to the licensed / restaurant / hospitality sector.