Predictions for 2014 | Hospitality trade, North East England

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Predictions for 2014 | Hospitality trade, North East England

whiskyThe continued rise of high quality spirits, be they Malt Whisky, Gin or Vodka, I am seeing a lot more interest in Malt Whisky,   Glenfiddich offer a wide range i.e. Sherry Cask, 15YO, 18YO, Sonalta, Quinta Ruban etc.  When merchandised well on a back bar display they can catch people’s interest.

Prosecco seems to know no bounds, from the £12.25 bottle at Wetherspoons to upwards of £25 per bottle in aspirational venues.  One client sold 30 cases of 6 btls in a week at the start of December, that’s a lot of people enjoying the experience.

Bitter Vermouth based and Sours style cocktails incorporating pickling vinegar are getting more mentions.  Aperatif’s such as Aperol and Campari based short drinks also look set to rise up the charts.  Not everyone’s cup of tea but the Sour notes go well with the rise of American foods such as pulled Pork.

chicken and chips2014 is the year of the Horse but the least said about that the better.  However, I think 2014 will be the year of the chicken or rather the chicken restaurant.  Already in London several chains are expanding fast with city money behind them.

In Newcastle The Coop Chicken House is about to open on Collingwood street and I have a feeling it will be a hit.  Lets face it, Nando’s is loved by the majority of youngsters and it sells small portions of chicken and chips.

A wild card – The rise of the super brewer, in the same way as we have flying winemakers and superstar DJ’s could 2014 be the year the charismatic craft brewer achieves iconic status?  Will people pay a premium to sample the Super Brewers alchemy?

One think I can guarantee is overall beer consumption will fall, however there is still a large market for different styles of beer, unusual offerings that you don’t see in many places.  The operators that continually refresh their offering puts themselves in good stead to prosper.




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