Winners and losers

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Winners and losers in the North East pub trade

Better weather this year saw the city centres do brisker trade in December as people held back by the snow in 2010 / 2011 came out to the bright lights.  From what we experienced, the busiest sites either opened within the past two years and/or have got their food and drink offering at consistently high levels.  In the city centre the customer wants something different to the norm, whether it’s a choice of quality beers or locally sourced, freshly prepared food.

Price matters little in the city centre when memorable experiences are provided and providing memorable experiences costs but in the long term these costs are well worth paying to keep business trading strongly.

Unfortunately there are always losers and local pubs & clubs whilst having strong days such as New Year ’s Day suffered overall, especially wet led sites.  It is fair to say that the best get better and the worst are falling by the wayside.

January has been flat (partly due to snow), much like November but the first week in February started extremely well as people with cabin fever decided they needed to get out so the signs are good.

In Newcastle, Restaurant Week was a big success and most operators extended it to a second week after the snow partly affected trade.  Two courses for £10 or £12 and three courses for £15 is a great price for the customer yet there is still profit to be made by restaurants involved if the menu’s are properly thought out plus wet spend is likely to be reasonable and can be lifted if staff are trained to upsell / offer second drinks.


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